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Academic Advisory Board Member Professor Yong Zhao Visited the AICFE

Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE) have maintained close connection and communication with Professor Yong Zhao from School of Education, University of Kansas since his first visit to AICFE in January 2017. On March 10, 2017, AICFE formally addressed the letter of appointment to Professor Yong Zhao as Academic Advisory Board member. Professor Zhao said that he would contribute to the development of global education along with AICFE.

Professor Yong Zhao accepted the Letter of Appointment as academic advisory board member

In addition to accepting the letter of appointment, Professor Yong Zhao also visited AICFE twice in early March for an in-depth discussion on working research projects and promising research projects. After the presentation of “Data-informed Recommendation System for Students’ Development”, Professor Zhao commented that the study was a frontier study, because only a few previous research conducted a comprehensive review on factors affected learning. However, factors that impact students’ learning can be various, such as students' knowledge, ability, psychological, physical, and social activities. A thorough analysis and clarification of the relationship among various factors will be a major breakthrough. The development of this study will gradually realize the goal of individualized education, strength-based education, and then every student can put his or her talent to the best use. “Data-informed Recommendation System for Students’ Development” may not only facilitate the student to know more about oneself on personal strengths and advantages; plan academic development scientifically; select subject to be tested in standardized examination. But also assist education providers (schools and teachers) to provide personalized learning resources; education managers to allocate education resources according to students’ distribution; policy-makers refer to this system to make policies.

In addition, AICFE also discussed Future Teacher Workshop with Professor Zhao in detail. The workshop has both social and academic impact, since the workshop plans to give teachers and students freedom to play their own roles, so as to bottom-up understand future teaching and learning. We believe that Professor Zhao’s participation will have positive influence on AICFE.

Group photo of participants of the meeting

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