Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

Dr.Xiaojun Chen from the School of Education, St.Jones University, the US Visited the Center

 Dr. Xiaojun Chen from the School of Education, St. Jones University, the US was invited to come to the Advanced Innovation Center of Beijing Normal University on January 7th, 2016. Dr.Chen presented an excellent report on“Common Core Teaching Reform of the United States: A Study on Educational Technology Encouraging Students to Learn in a Deeper Level” in Room 208, the Studio Building, Beijing Normal University. Professor Li Chen, the vice-president of Beijing Normal University and the Deputy Management Director of Advanced Innovation Center of Beijing Normal University hosted this report presentation. Professor Shengquan Yu, the Under Secretary of the Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University and the Deputy Executive Director of Advanced Innovation Center and Professor Wenge Guo came to listen this report as well.

Dr. Chen firstly introduced the basic situation of the common core education reform of the United States, and then deeply analyzed the expectations held by the US education reform putting forward ability aims for students of different stages. She also analyzed the actual operation situation of technological integration by teachers and discovered that the problems during the process of technological integration are similar to those emerged from the information technology and curriculum integration by Chinese teachers. At last, Dr. Chen shared the new opportunities, challenges and issues needed to be discussed regarding technological integration under the circumstance of a common core.

After the report, all attended teachers positively exchanged ideas and raised their questions. Dr. Chen answered all those questions in detail, which promoted attendees to have a deeper understanding of international curriculum reform. 
 Picture 1 Prof. Li Chen hosting the report presentation

Picture 2 Dr. Xiaojun Chen presenting report

Picture 3 Teachers carefully listening to the report

Picture 4 Prof. Shengquan Yu and Dr. Xiaojun Chen