Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

Case Collection for Future School 2030 Project

1.      Introduction of Future School 2030 Project

To study the possibility and form of future education in 21st century, a project named Future School 2030 has been recently launched by the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE), Beijing Normal University, P. R. China. This project aims to analyze the new form of education process reform from the perspective of a bi-directional integration of technology and education so as to look at the outlook of the systematic reform of education.
This project will invite famous experts at home and abroad in education to participate in. A Blue Paper on Future Schools will be published to the world as a milestone of this project in August, 2017. Also, around 20 academic papers are expected to be published in high-level journals. It will be a valuable opportunity of international communication for experts who are interested in.
2. Purposes of Case Collection

2.1 To collaborate with kindergartens, primary and middle schools and enterprises, drawing upon their resources to support the theoretical framework of the Blue Paper;
2.2  To enrich the content of the blue paper and visualize each topic.
3.      Scopes and Topics

In addition to topics related to future education, the scope of the proposals includes but not limited to:
4.      Benefits

If your case is selected, it would be published in the Blue Paper.
4.2  Participating in following Future School 2030 Seminars and related academic conferences without paying application fees.
4.3  Before the publication of Blue Paper, your selected case would be posted on AICFE’s official website.
5.      How to Prepare your Case

The content must include but not limited to:
Your case should be submitted in Word format and no less than 1500 words. Pictures could be used to illustrate your case. Video (5-10 minutes) could be submitted as supplementary materials in MP4 format. Please submit all your work in a Zip file and named it as “Name + Institution + Topic + Future School 2030”. No plagiarism.
6.      Rubrics

Closely related to topics in Future School 2030 program;
6.2  Language is understandable. Content is elaborated. Organization is logical.
7.      Contact Us

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