Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

Prof. Peter Coaldrake, Vice-Chancellor & President of Queensland University of Technology Visited the Center

The delegation of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) visited the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE) on the morning of November 16, 2017. The high-level delegation is composed of Prof. Peter Coaldrake, the Vice-Chancellor & President of QUT, Prof. Scott Sheppard, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Carol Nicoll, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education, Ms. Kathie Thomson, Vice-Chancellor’s Office, and Ms. Jacqueline Yuan, International Engagement Coordinator.

Dr. Yu Lu and Ms. Xuanwei Ma first represented the center to introduce the background, progress and achievement, esp. Smart Learning Partner, the smart education platform for public service and Online-and-Offline Tutoring project. Then the both parties discussed issues about how to collect data and how to use the platform from the perspectives of different users in depth. The delegates expressed strong interest in all aspects of the work, and Prof. Coaldrake suggested that it will be more time-efficient and humane, if more qualified trainers, coaches and teachers in training schools or private schools can be involved. As he said, most teachers are females who will take maternity leave when necessary. This practice will decrease the pressure of teacher resources during peak hour. After that, Dr. Su Cai from the Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University presented how Augmented Reality (AR) is applied to education with several inspiring and attractive demos.  

This visiting is a prelude to the 5th International STEM in Education Conference (ISEC) which will be organized by QUT on 21st-23rd, November, 2018. As two outstanding universities that rank the top within the fields of information science and education, they have established a profound friendship for several years. QUT provided big support to BNU for the successful organization of the 4th ISEC last October.