Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

Prof. Shengquan Yu, the Executive Director of AICFE Visited the Columbia University and Indiana University for Future Opportunites

To respond to the warmest invitation, the delegation of Beijing Normal University (BNU) visited the Teacher College of Columbia University and the School of Education, Indiana University from November 8-16, 2017. Prof. Shengquan Yu represented the center to be recommend as one key delegate, along with the Director of the Social Science Administration Department, BNU, Prof. Baocun Liu, Prof. Lu Wang and Associate Prof. Jun Teng. The delegation first met Prof. Mun Tsang and Dr. Henan Cheng of the Center on Chinese Education, Columbia University, Prof. Xiaodong Lin, Prof. Gita Steiner-Khamsi and Dr. Alex Eble and had an in-depth discussion. The both sides reflected upon the history of friend exchange, expressed interest in potential cooperation on students exchange, scholar visiting, join research and publication, and reached agreement on more research on Chinese education and exchange activities to pave the way for the promising future with further communication and cooperation.

After finishing the trip, the delegation flew to Bloomington for another visiting in the School of Education, Indiana University. Last year, Prof. Terry Mason, Dean of the School led a team visited BNU and co-founded the Joint Research Center for Chinese Education with the Institute of International and Comparative Education after signing the Memorandum of Cooperation. This time, Prof. Mason received the delegation together with some 20 students, teachers and scholars by organizing a seminar and several meetings, where both parties shared each research achievements. Prof. Yu delivered a presentation on The Future Roles of AI Tutor, which aroused interest among audience. The counterparts of Indiana University introduced their research projects under the topics of Education Reform in Mexico, STEM Education, Online English Teaching and Sense of Identity among Different Countries. They further expressed recognition of the work done by the Institute and expected more cooperation under the framework of cooperation, including students exchange, online co-teaching, summer school and overseas practice base. 

Discussion meeting with Prof. Mun Tsang

Seminar at Indiana University


Presentation by Prof. Shengquan Yu


BNU delegation and the Vice-president of Indiana University


BNU delegation, visiting scholars, and Chinese students of Indiana University