GCCCE 2017

Sub-conference C7: Learning Analysis, Assessment, and Artificial Intelligence in Education

 Sub-conference C7:  

Learning Analysis, Assessment, and Artificial Intelligence in Education 

This sub-conference focuses on the design, methodology, models, technology and application of learning analysis, assessment, and artificial intelligence in education (AIED). The goal is to better understand and improve learning processes and to help the design and development of computer-based learning systems. The field of learning analysis, assessment, and AIED embraces the convergence of disciplines that span learning technologies, educational research and practice, cognitive and learning sciences, computer science, data science, psychology, linguistics, as well as other domain-specific areas. The challenges facing learning analysis and AIED arise from their transdisciplinary nature, which often requires a broad panel of experts to create innovative and cross-disciplinary solutions to improve teaching and learning. The sub-conference will provide an open platform for international scholars to share knowledge, experience, ideas and strategies, and work together to generate theoretical and practical insights that will further advance the field.

 The topics include but are not limited to:

1.      Learning analysis approaches, methods, and tools 

2.      Analytics supported activities, applications, and interventions

3.      Data-informed diagnosis, feedback, and decision-making

4.      Measures of learning processes, changes and outcomes

5.      Theories and theoretical considerations in learning analytics

6.      Visualization of learning analytics

7.      Personalized and adaptive learning environments

8.      Assessment and evaluation of learning analytics tools

9.      Theories, models and instructional strategies in AIED

10.  Real-world applications and evaluation of AIED systems

11.  Intelligent tutoring systems

12.  Neural models applied to AIED systems

13.  Human factors and interface design in AIED

14.  Obstacles and countermeasures of AIED

 Paper submission:

1.      Authors should prepare submissions either in English or in Chinese (Long paper: 8 pages; Short paper: 4 pages; Poster: 2 pages). Submissions written in Chinese should include the title, abstract and keywords written in both Chinese and English.

2.      Authors should submit papers in the Microsoft Word format. Please make use of the paper template provided on the conference website for preparing submissions.

3.      Authors should make submissions by uploading papers onto the Submission System of the conference.

Executive Chair of the sub-conference:

Chen, Gaowei

University of Hong Kong

 Co-Chairs of the sub-conference:

Yang, Xianmin

Jiangsu Normal University

Yang, Hsi-Hsun

Yunlin University of Science and Technology

 Program committee members:

Cao, Xiaoming

Shenzhen University

Chang, Ben

Central University

Chao, Ching-Ju

Tung-Fang Design Institute

Chen, Bodong

University of Minnesota

Chen, Chih-Ming

Chengchi University

Chen, Guang

Beijing Normal University

Chen, Hsiu-Ling

Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Chen, Min

Central China Normal University

Chen, Shih-Nung

Asia University

Chen, Tzy-Ling

Chung Hsing University

Cheng, Yuh-Ming

Shu Te University

Chiu, Chiung-Hui

Taiwan Normal University

Chiu, Thomas K. F.

University of Hong Kong

Ge, Xun

The University of Oklahoma

Gu, Xiaoqing

East China Normal University

Guo, Jiong

Northwest Normal University

Guo, Li

Jiangsu Second Normal University

Hew, Timothy K. F.

University of Hong Kong

Hsieh, Min-Chai

Tainan University of Technology, Taiwan

Hu, Xiao

University of Hong Kong

Huang, Jingbi

Jiangxi Normal University

Hwang, Gwo-Haur

Ling Tung University

Jia, Jiyou

Peking University

Jiang, Qiang

Northeast Normal University

Jong, Morris S. Y.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lai, Chun

University of Hong Kong

Lau, Wing-fat Wilfred

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Law, Victor W.

University of New Mexico

Lei, Jing

Syracuse University

Lei, Leon C. U.

University of Hong Kong

Li, Jeng-Yiiang

Minghsin University of Science and Technology

Li, Ping

The Education University of Hong Kong

Li, Yan

Zhejiang University

Li, Yanyan

Beijing Normal University

Lin, Hao-Chiang Koong

University of Tainan

Ling, Man Ho Alpha

The Education University of Hong Kong

Liu, Geping

Southwest University

Liu, Mingzhuo

East China Normal University

Liu, Qingtang

Central China Normal University

Liu, Sanya

Central China Normal University

Liu, Xuan

Sichuan Open University

Lo, Jia-Jiunn

Chung Hua University

Ouyang , Yin

University of Tainan

Quek, Choon Lang

Institute of Education, Singapore

Shang, Junjie

Peking University

Shih, Ru-Chu

Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Song, Shuqiang

Tsinghua University

Su, Chung-Ho

Shu-Te University

Sun, Daner

The Education University of Hong Kong

Sweetland, Yuerong

Franklin University

Wang, Cheng-Hung

University of Kaohsiung

Wang, Juan

Jiangsu Normal University

Wang, Maggie Minhong

University of Hong Kong

Wang, Xiaoxue

Florida Gulf Coast University

Wang, Yunwu

Jiangsu Normal University

Wei, Shunping

Open University

Wei, Xuefeng

Ludong University

Wong, Gary K. W.

University of Hong Kong

Wong, Tak Lam

The Education University of Hong Kong

Wong, Wing-Kwong

Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Wu, Fati

Beijing Normal University

Wu, Sheng-Yi

Pingtung University 

Wu, Ting-Ting

Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Wu, Yonghe

East China Normal University

Xiao, Jun

Shanghai Open University

Xie, Tongxiang

Huaiyin Normal University

Xu, Xiaodong

South China Normal University

Yan, Hanbing

East China Normal University

Yan, Zhiming

Ludong University

Yang, Stephen J.H.

Central University

Yin, Sheng-Kai

Cheng Shiu University

Yu, Shuyu

Northwest Normal University

Zhan, Qinglong

Tianjin University of Technology and Education

Zhang, Danhui

Beijing Normal University

Zhang, Jianwei

University at Albany-SUNY

Zhang, Wenlan

Shanxi Normal University

Zhang, Yi

Central China Normal University

Zhou, Mingming

University of Macau

Chen, Hong-Ren                     Taichung University of Education



Important Dates

Paper submission due

22 Jan 2017  Extended to 9 Feb 2016

Notification of acceptance

19 Mar 2017

Camera-ready paper submission

9 Apr 2017

Conference period

Jun 3-6 2017