GCCCE 2017

Teacher Forum

The rapid development of information technology has exerted a profound impact on human society. As we entered the era of Internet plus, K-12 education, an important part of social system, will change accordingly. "Internet + K-12 education" has become a key issue of public concern. Thus, we hold this forum for K-12 education administrators and teachers in primary and secondary schools to share and exchange their experiences of advanced "Internet + K-12 Education" policies, management methods and how to integrate technology with teaching. 

The topics covered but are not limited to the following:

  1. The national policies of Internet + K-12 education
  2. The curriculum reform of Internet + K-12 education
  3. The teaching environment of Internet + K-12 education
  4. The digital resources design and development of Internet + K-12 education
  5. The learning analysis of Internet + K-12 education
  6. The student development of Internet + K-12 education
  7. The teacher professional development of Internet + K-12 education
  8. The teaching innovation of Internet + K-12 education
  9. The cases of Internet + K-12 education: flipped class, micro-lecture (video), digital stories, concept maps, APP use, etc.
  10. The information ethics of Internet + K-12 education

Paper Submission:

Authors are required to write papers in Chinese or English (eight pages for full-paper; four pages for short; two pages for posters). Chinese and English titles, abstract and keywords are required.

Authors are required to submit papers in Word format using Microsoft ™ Office Software by referring to the template provided by the conference.

Authors are required to submit papers by e-mailing local program committee members,or to teacherforum@163.com.

Papers submitted to the forum will be recommended to the Global Chinese Journal of Computer Application (GCJCE) (http://www.gcjce.net), International Journal on Digital Learning Technology (http://www.ijdlt.org) and English journals (International Journal of Smart Technology and Learning).

Important Dates

Deadline of paper submission due: March 10, 2017

Notification of acceptance: March 30, 2017

Deadline of final version due: April 15, 2017

Executive Chairperson for Teacher Forum:

Juan WU, Beijing Normal University

Executive Vice-Chairperson for Teacher Forum:

Afu LAI, University of Taipei

Timothy Hew, University of Hong Kong

Program Committee Members

Ching Sing CHAI  National Institute of education, Nanyang Technology University

Wenlan ZHANG Shanxi Normal University

Su Mu South China Normal University,School of information technology in education

Dong LIU Shanghai Hongkou Teachers College

Zhong SUN Capital Normal University, College of informational engineering

Dandan GAO East China Normal University

Ning MA Beijing Normal University

Baoping LI Beijing Normal University

Xinglong ZHAO National Center for Educational Technology

Xiuli ZHUANG Beijing Normal University

Ling CHEN Beijing Normal University

Ying CHEN Beijing Xicheng Education & Research Institute

Peijie CAO National Institute of Education Sciences

Ping HE Tianjin University, School of Education

Huanqing WU Qufu Normal University

Important Dates

Paper submission due

22 Jan 2017  Extended to 9 Feb 2016

Notification of acceptance

19 Mar 2017

Camera-ready paper submission

9 Apr 2017

Conference period

Jun 3-6 2017