BNU Campus



Beijing Normal University

No. 19, XinJieKouWai St., HaiDian District

1. Capital International Airport

The Capital International Airport is referred to as the Capital Airport. It is Beijing City’s main international airport and is located in the northeast corner of Beijing City, Shunyi district. It is approximately 25.4 kilometers away from Tian’anmen Square. It is located at a very important and expansive site. Facilities are excellent and comprehensive, and the transport of manufactured items is carried out swiftly here at one of the world’s largest scale international airports.

Choose one of the following routes to arrive at campus:

  • (1) Take a taxi directly to campus. The fare should be about 100-120 RMB.
  • (2) Take the high speed metro airport rail to Sanyuanqiao stop. Change metro lines to Line 10. Follow Line 10 to Mudanyuan stop. Exit from the southwest. Mudanyuan bus stop is 30 meters ahead. From here, take No. 645 or 22 or 38 directly to Tieshizifen, the campus’ main east gate.
  • (3) The airport has bus lines heading to all parts of the city. Take the airport bus No. 4 to Beitaipingzhuang. Head in the opposite direction from where the bus arrived and cross the intersection bearing right. Walk 800 meters down Xinjiekouwai Street to Beijing Normal University main east gate. Or, continue walking ahead until you reach the Jingshi Tower. Then, take a right and continue until you reach the main south gate.

2. Nanyuan Airport

Beijing Nanyuan airport is located in Fengtai district. It is the nation’s oldest airport. It is just three kilometers south of the southern bend of the 4th Ring Road,and 13 kilometers south of Tian’anmen Square.

Take one of the following modes of transportation to arrive at Beijing Normal campus:

  • (1) Take a taxi directly to campus. The fare should not exceed 100 RMB.
  • (2) There are daily airport shuttles outside the airport exit area that move to and from the Xidan Aviation Tower and between the airport waiting buildings. Purchasing a ticket with Zhonglian Air allows for a free ride on the airport buses. When you arrive at the Xidan Aviation Tower, walk to the Xidan shopping center and transfer onto No. 22, 88, or 690 bus to Beijing Shifan Daxue stop.