GCCCE 2023


GCCCE 2023 workshops focus on various emerging topics in the field of computer education applications, aiming to strengthen the cohesion of research groups on specific topics within the research community, and provide participants with a platform for academic exchanges and discussions. The workshop will be held from 2023/05/27 to 28. The duration of each workshop is 3 hours or 6 hours, in order to achieve the purpose of in-depth communication, interaction and professional discussion. The activities include but are not limited to small forums, paper publications, interactive demonstrations, practical activities, etc.

We welcome active proposals from researchers in the fields of computer education and applications, and priority will be given to accepting workshop proposals with emerging themes, practice-oriented or in-depth interactive forms. The chairpersons of each workshop will be responsible for the collection, receipt and review of the workshop papers, and preside over the formal planning and activity arrangement of the workshop academic exchange activities.

Workshop proposals should comprise

  1. Workshop topic
  2. Language medium(s) (Chinese or English, or bilingual)
  3. Workshop abstract (within 600 words)
  4. Draft "call for papers" or "call for participation" (if applicable)
  5. Names, affiliations, emails, and short biographies of the workshop chair and co-chairs
  6. Workshop committee (at least 3 members)

If you are interested in hosting workshops, please send your proposal to the Workshop Proposal Committee by email before the deadline of 14 November, 2022. 12 December, 2022.

Workshop Proposal Committee

Hercy Chen Taipei Medical University (Email: hercycheng@tmu.edu.tw)
Yingchun Liu Zhejiang University of Technology (Email: lyc@zjut.edu.cn)

Important Dates:

  1. Workshop proposal submission due: 14 November, 2022 12 December, 2022
  2. Acceptance notifications of workshop proposals: 21 November, 2022 19 December, 2022
  3. Launching of workshop webpages due: 28 November, 2022 26 December, 2022
  4. Workshop paper submission due: 6 February, 2023 6 March, 2023
  5. Acceptance notification of workshop papers: 20 February, 2023 20 March, 2023
  6. Camera-Ready submission due: 27 February, 2023 27 March, 2023
  7. Authors' registration: 1 March, 2023 3 April, 2023 (Early bird registration deadline 31 March, 2023)

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