GCCCE 2023

Most of the paper presentation sessions will comprise both physical and online presentations.
The presentation time limits for individual programme components are:
• English Paper Track & theme-based sub-conferences:Full paper: 20 minutes (including 5 minutes of Q&A), Short paper: 15 minutes (inc. 5 minutes of Q&A).
• Workshop papers: The time limits will be determined by the organizers of individual workshops. Please consult the respective organizers for specific instructions.
• Teachers' Forum: Full paper: 15 minutes (inc. 5 minutes of Q&A), Short paper: 12 minutes (inc. 4 minutes of Q&A).
• Doctoral Student Forum: 20 minutes (inc. 10 minutes of Q&A and mentors' feedback).
• Do strictly follow the assigned presentation time slot and time limit, and report to the session chair prior to the beginning of your session.
Instructions on physical presentations
Every classroom is equipped with a personal computer running on Windows 10 with MS Office installed, and a projector. Presenters may copy over their presentation materials (MS PowerPoint or PDF files) to the computer, or connect to their own computers.
Do proceed to the assigned classroom prior to the session, and get ready for the presentation if possible.
In mainland China, the common power voltage is 220 Volt. Please bring along your own power transformer and/or power adaptor if necessary.
All the physical presentations will also be live streamed via Zoom Meeting, so that online participants will be able to interact with and raise questions to the presenters.
Instructions on online presentations
The video conferencing platform for online presentations and participation is Zoom Meeting. Prior to the conference, all online presenters (and participants) are required to install the Zoom Meeting client software on their computers, and make sure their webcams and microphones are properly functioning. The detailed instructions on joining individual online sessions will be announced on the conference website in due course.
Presenters must logon and join the assigned Zoom Meeting room prior to the presentation sessions with computers or devices that could display their presentation materials (MS PowerPoint, PDF, or software to demonstrate, etc.). Do take note that such materials might not be able to be properly displayed on smartphones.
Presenters are required to turn on their webcams and show their faces during their presentations and the subsequent Q&A activities.
Instructions on physical poster presentation
Poster presentation will start from 15:00pm to 17:00pm on May 29 (Monday). Each poster should follow the instructions below.
1. The contents of the presentation should be clear and concise. The figures, tables and text on the posters should be large and clear enough that they are readable from a distance. Text in font size less than 1 cm should be avoided.
2. The size of the display board is 120 cm (Height) x 180 cm (Width). Your two-page poster should follow the conference poster paper format, and each page should fit within either the following dimensions:
• B1-size paper [100 cm (Height) x 70.7 cm (Width)] ; OR
• 40-inch-poster-size paper [105 cm (Height) x 70 cm (Width)]
3. Please include the title of the paper, the names and affiliations of the authors in the poster.
4. You should bring your posters to the conference, and mount the posters on the assigned display boards 15 mins before presentation.
5. Please use thumbtacks to mount the posters onto the display boards. Thumbtacks will be available at the presentation site.
6. Electricity and Internet connection will NOT be available for the poster presentation.
Instructions on online poster presentation
Online poster presentation will start from 15:00 pm to 17:00pm on May 29 (Monday). The online presentation is divided into two parts: 1. Pre-recorded 5-10 minute video presentation. 2. Exchange information online during the meeting.
The authors of each poster paper should submit a video presentation to the cloud disk designated by the Organizing Committee before May 10, 2022. The organizing committee will set up a page with 2 pages of final paper and report video before May 20th, for participants to watch and understand the poster in advance, and the participants can watch and communicate with the author through ZOOM.
Upload your video via: https://www.jianguoyun.com/p/DXsZfQcQv7ytChi3v4IFIAA
Access password: rmw0zt
Note: Please name your video using your Paper ID
Poster display page: https://aic-fe.bnu.edu.cn/gccce2023/poster
Presentation video requirements: format.mp4 format file; Time limit 5-10 minutes; The file should not exceed 200MB.
For ease of reading, data, graphs, and text should be in a proper size and legible. Do not use text smaller than 1 cm.

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