Future Schools in 2030

To study the possibility and form of future education in the late 21st century;
To analyze the new form of education process reform from the perspective of a bi-directional integration of technology and education

Expected outcome:
A White Paper on Future Schools will be published to the world after several symposiums with participants. 

Research Topics: 

Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education of Beijing Normal University
Each grant provides up to US$10,000-20,000 for applicants who are currently working on or would like to start research projects that are aligned with the project of Future Schools in 2030. 

Important Dates:
Proposal submission deadline:                         June 30, 2016
Future Schools in 2030 Symposium (1):          August 31, 2016
Future Schools in 2030 Symposium (2):          January 15, 2017
Future Schools in 2030 Symposium (3):          May 25, 2017
White Paper for Future Schools release:          August 20, 2017